How your daily business can inspire you to great content marketing

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How your daily business can inspire you to great content marketing

How your daily business can inspire you to great content marketing

So today I would like to tell you a little about content marketing. At the end of the day though, I can’t tell you anything new. Content marketing is old so all we can do is try and push its boundaries further. How? By learning from others and being inspired to create new, exciting content.

My presentation runs under the title „How your daily business can inspire you to great content marketing”. Why do you see a picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holding puppies in a pool here? I’ll get to that!


What do I mean with daily business?

Every day we go about our jobs and very frequently we oversee things in our daily business. We oversee things that could and should inspire us to create great content marketing that is relevant, human and close to what our target group wants to hear.

Nowadays we are so overwhelmed by content that we need to stay on the ball. Again, content marketing is old. We’ve been doing and exposed to it since we were kids. So again, I am going to present learnings and inspiration from a start-up point of view, which is my expertise.

The aim being, that you find inspiration in your daily business and use it for great content.

So in a nutshell this is where the magic is meant to happen:


So why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

The Rock is the personification of what your brand should be. He presents himself humble and human, approachable and sympathetic. He keeps on trend without being forceful, without advertising. WITHOUT advertising. I repeat, without advertising. And he finds magic in the small things.


Traditional marketing sells a product,
content marketing sells the idea of a product

So the Rock keeps it real. He posts things that are down-to-earth. He’s not excessive. He knows who his followers are and doesn’t aspire to be someone he’s not. That’s what your brand should be doing. Traditional marketing sells a product, content marketing sells the idea of a product, it tells a story. Too often in retail the photos depict the product, but not the heart and idea of it.

My ecommerce client, Ferox Featherworks, sells Tees and other textile items. We relaunched the webpage to focus on the visual aspect of his retail business. When you think ecommerce and retail, you envisage gloss, high-end, the epitome of beauty (pics like below on the right).

ConsultingDog-Berlin-Content-marketing-sells-the-ideaBut if you want to engage with your audience, you need to see past big budgets, lengthy planning and complex strategies and begin with the basics. That’s the advantage of start-ups. From idea to execution is a very short way.

ConsultingDog-Berlin-ecommerce-ferox-featherworksFor Ferox, the photos they use of their models are real, they are people that go fly fishing, that like fly fishing and are therefore approachable. Ferox content is shareable, the product descriptions such as “go fishing for a compliment” are simple, close to the product, raw. Stay humble.

There is no such thing as a captive audience.

People are drawn to you based on how valuable, insightful or interesting they find your content, not based on any mandatory viewings of your content. There is no such thing as a captive audience. They respond to the current trend, the local news or indulge in content without great interaction or interest.

Hence, reactive marketing is integral to creating interesting content. Don’t be afraid; if it generates a buzz on social media, you’re headed the right way no matter how strange you think the idea may be.

For example, Apple drew a lot of negative publicity from iPhone 6 owners after a slight bend was noticeable in their expensive new handsets. Heineken was quick to respond (see chart below).


Know your key events

If you’re looking to make a splash and pounce on key events, it’s vital you’re aware of the dates of major world events, holidays and industry trends. Twitter has been very helpful in this respect by designing the #OwnTheMoment calendar, which provides users with access to all key events, as well as tweets and ideas on how you can make the most of each occasion.

Other services such as FeedlyGoogle Trends and Buzzsumo are tools that help you keep on top of your game.

Why is daily business so important?

Consumers are flooded with impressions. Particularly in ecommerce, the purchase decision is complicated, long-winded and based on many factors. It takes a lot to stick out from the crowd. Daily business brings the company back to considering the consumer at his most vulnerable: in the midst of the process. Knowing what your consumer may be thinking is vital, so think about yourself as a consumer.


The above example is not ecommerce, but wonderful. A young child forgot his toy giraffe on a holiday at the Ritz Carlton. Instead of just sending the toy giraffe back (as they would if they went about their daily business of lost and found), the staff photographed the toy giraffe enjoying all the amenities of the hotel. Magic. The parents of the boy posted the adorable pictures all over social media and it took off. Likeable, shareable and the best social proof the hotel could wish for. Because they stopped for a moment during their “boring” daily business and remembered what it’s like not to constantly juggle budgets, gather papers and so on. They thought of their client, their guest, a friend.

The furniture company does something similar. They have instagram posts depicting the furniture in their consumer’s houses. Close, personal, not glossy or fake; magical in their own right because they are real. Back to the roots of advertising content: with magic in the small things, close to the consumer.

Digital detox?

These four questions of why, what, where and how tell us to rethink our daily business and perhaps have a little digital detox to regroup and find our way back to the thought behind sales in ecommerce.


Let’s think about:
Why: your content should prove knowledge and expertise.
What: lead your market with expert articles and be open to conversation.
How: don’t advertise. Don’t be over pretentious. Don’t fake it or gloss it over. Just be real and human.
And where? In “real” places where the consumer is open to social proof, where he believes what he reads.

What are our learnings?

Stop for just a minute and brush aside the fancy artwork and complicated budget decisions for 2016 and think of your consumer. What does he want to know? What are the daily decisions he has to make and how can you facilitate his purchasing decision with relevant content that is easily digestible?ConsultingDog-Berlin-content-marketing-learnings

Let’s stop being superhuman and start being heros.


And a last note:


Be a hero. 
Follow the Rock on instagram. 
Be a “rock-star”. 
See what I did there? 
Thank you.

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